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    • Determinants of Leadership and Organizational Culture inImplementing Business Strategies 

      Zainal, Ilmi; Robiansyah; Michael, Hadjaat; Saida, Zainurossalamia ZA; Dio, Cessar Darma (SEISENSE Business Review, 2021-01-12)
      Leadership and organizational culture are essential factors in the sustainability of a business. The two things' strategy becomes a concept that is often used as a foundation by various companies in running their activities. ...
    • Supporting SDGs for Increase of the MSMEs Industry – A Prediction Using Correlation 

      Zainal, Ilmi; Purwadi, Purwadi; Syaharuddin, Yijo; Alexander, Sampeliling (GATR Global Journal of Business Social Sciences Review, 2022-03-31)
      The capacity of MSMEs in encouraging the Indonesian economy is undoubtedly after the economic recession caused by the monetary crisis in 1998. Therefore, we try to analyze the achievement of SGDs for the 2011-2019 period ...