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      pangan fungsional [1]
      Peer Review - Analisis Fragmentasi GCMS Senyawa Aktif Anti Kanker Leukimia Fraksi Kloroform Umbu Bawang Tiwai Eleutherine bulbosa MIII Urb [2]
      Peer Review - Analysis Phytochemical Compounds of Ethyl Acetate Extract Garlic Tree, Scorodocarpus Borneensis Becc As A Source Of Bioactive Ingridients [1]
      Peer Review - Anticancer Activity of Bioactive Compounds froum Fruits of Bawang Hutan (Scorodocarpus borneensis Becc) [1]
      Peer Review - Hydrocarbons Bioremediation Soil Using Eschericia Coli E Coli and Klebsiella SP Bacteria With the Addition of Inorganic Fertulizers as Nutrients [1]
      Peer Review - Hydrochalcone compouns from indonesian medicinal plant, Sirih Hutan, piper aduncum (piperacaeae) [1]
      Peer Review - Metabolites Fingerprint Leaf Extract of Bekkai Plant, Albertisia Papuana Becc as natural food seasonings using by Dayak Ethnics Community in North Kalimantan, Indonesia [1]
      Peer Review - Structure Characterization of Alkoloid Scorodocarpines Derivative from Fruits of Scorodocarpus Borneesis Becc (Olacaceae) [1]
      Peer Review - Utilization Tofu Dregs as a Source of Nitrogen in Fermentation of Tuber Ganyong (Canna edulis Kerr) by Saccharomyces cerevisiae [1]
      Peer review 2 [1]
      Peer review_Effect of organic manure [1]
      Peer review_Estimation of Above Ground [1]
      Peer Review_Etnobotani Buah Edibel [1]
      Peer review_Fitoremediasi Limbah Cair [1]
      Peer review_Pengaruh Ekstraksi Biji [1]
      Peer review_Pertumbuhan Stek [1]
      Peer review_Rhizosphere fungal [1]
      Peer review_Studi Produktivitas Air [1]
      Peer review_Studi Ragam Polen [1]
      Peer Review_The application of NPK [1]